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Seconds Matter - Reducing the Time to Start Treatment for Better Stroke Patient Outcomes

With the advent of telestroke care, remote neurologists can use video communication technology to examine a patient, talk in real-time with the attending physician, and make lifesaving treatment decisions in minutes. Until recently, telestroke equipment has been costly to deploy and maintain, and has been constrained by the need for quality-assured networks, limiting access to specialists and the number of patients that can be served.

Learn how StrokeCareNow Network, an alliance of 22 hospitals in the Midwest, affordably scaled its 24/7 remote diagnosis program to support more patients.

What to expect when you watch the webinar

  • Why providers are moving to software-based telestroke tools
  • How neurologists use mobile devices to meet with patients more readily
  • Tips for instantly sharing brain scan images to explain diagnosis to on-site care teams
  • Best practices for maintaining privacy with HIPAA-compliant encryption


Mark Noble
Vice President, Strategic Marketing
Vidyo Inc

Michael GeRue
Chief Operating Officer
Parkview Heart Institute