Telehealth is More than Video Conferencing

Interpersonal connections with patients require a different kind of communications solution.

With HIPAA-compliant real-time video visits, healthcare providers can optimize clinical efficiency, reduce rehospitalizations and deliver better patient outcomes.

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Vidyo Telehealth Clinical ServicesWhy VirtualDesign Services?

The Vidyo VirtualDesign service ensures success for care providing organizations looking to implement effective and sustainable telehealth programs. VirtualDesign is comprised of a proven repeatable framework for telehealth program design and is complemented by live coaching from experts with years of experience and expertise in building and deploying successful telehealth programs.

We know what you’re thinking. Vidyo has already made it super simple for clinicians and patients to deliver and access care from anyplace, anytime with face-to-face video communication embedded within existing workflow tools, like electronic health records systems. But successful and sustainable telehealth programs require much more than just great technology. The care providing organization must integrate the telehealth program into its clinical operations. Telehealth programs frequently require training of multidisciplinary teams, gaining their buy-in, modifying workflows and processes, and enhancing systems of monitoring and governance.

This is truly a DIFFERENT way to deliver care, from the physical assessment to communicating empathy across the camera. If not implemented correctly, it can create significant barriers to adoption; minimize patient outcomes and satisfaction; and negatively impact provider economics and efficiency. The VirtualDesign service helps care providers maximize their INVESTMENT in our technologies and accelerate attainment of their program goals. Designing a virtual service is not a one-sided process; it requires a team approach and must balance all stakeholders:

Vidyo Telehealth Clinical ServicesPEOPLE – patient and providers perspectives on care delivery, safety, culture and their need to provide and receive healthcare services

PROCESS – operationally viable, scalable, financially sound and sustainable over time

TECHNOLOGY – interoperability, integratability, feasibility, ease of use and accessibility anywhere and any device

How Does VirtualDesign Work?

Vidyo’s Virtual Design Service plays a significant role in maximizing and leveraging ALL RESOURCES and TECHNOLOGY within or between an organization, facility and / or a practice. VirtualDesign consultants provide Vidyo customers with a formalized and guided process that defines all the components required for a successful and sustainable program design and implementation. Highlights of the design process include focus on the following steps:

  • Observe: patient and provider environments and conduct interviews
  • Explore: existing processes and workflows for in-person care delivery
  • Evaluate: technology, equipment, and data accessibility
  • Generate: large quantities of ideas to create the best opportunities
  • Identify: program goals, metrics and critical success factors
  • Engage: right combination of interdisciplinary team members
  • Plan: project management and required timelines
  • Brainstorm: discuss current and possible future legal, financial, and operational implications identified by customer and potential frameworks
  • Test: prototype and simulate
  • Train: train all levels of people involved
  • Implement: bring the program to life
  • Communicate: internal and external
  • Support: go-live and ongoing maintenance
  • Reiterate: monitor over time, get feedback, adapt and grow the solution

How Long Does The Process Take?

Depending on the size of the organization, program reach and, the target population, the VirtualDesign service can take anywhere from 1 day to several weeks. Key factors that will impact this timeline are:

  • Availability of clinical and technical resources vs. need to recruit and hire
  • Provider licensing / credentialing processes
  • Time and commitment of resources to the process vs. competing initiatives within the organization
  • Funding and equipment availability vs. request and procurement process
  • Electronic medical record and integration requirements
  • Net new program vs. growth of an existing program
  • Number of people requiring training

How to get started with VirtualDesign?

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You can also contact the Clinical Services Team directly at We look forward to helping you achieve your telehealth program goals faster and on a sustainable basis!

Vidyo does not offer or provide any legal or regulatory advice, including regarding licensing, credentialing, privileging, compliance, telemedicine or healthcare practice, or any matters, and accepts no responsibility for such matters through the VirtualDesign service or otherwise. Vidyo customers are solely responsible for determining and understanding all legal and regulatory obligations applicable to them and assuring compliance with such requirements.