Tell a Friend, Get an iPad Mini

Why not share HD video communication with your friends and colleagues? If your referral becomes a customer, we'll thank you with a new iPad Mini.

How to refer a friend:

Ask a friend if they could benefit from video conferencing and let them know that a Vidyo representative will contact them shortly.

Complete the form and make sure to fill in the comments box so that we know how your friend could benefit from Vidyo. This will help us answer any questions that your friend may have.

A member of the Vidyo team will contact your friend. If your friend becomes a qualified Vidyo customer within 120 days of your referral, you will receive a brand new iPad Mini.

Terms & Conditions apply.

Refer multiple friends to increase your odds of receiving a free iPad Mini.

If one of your referrals becomes a Vidyo customer, you will be contacted by the Vidyo team. Remember that you can add VidyoMobile to your iPad Mini to participate in face-to-face meetings and annotate content using VidyoSlate.

If you have any question, please email us: