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Visual Engagement Drives Relationships And Revenue For Customer Service

Today’s consumers need fast, easy and convenient service in our mobile, on-the-go world. Face-to-face video collaboration nurtures relationships for businesses in the digital era.

In this report, Forrester highlights the value visual engagement brings to businesses of all sizes. In 2016, “more than a quarter (32%) of customers used screen sharing for customer service ... and 32% used video chat. The use of … visual engagement tools is a key trend in customer service in 2017 because it strengthens the customer bond.” 1

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1 Forrester Brief For Application Development & Delivery Professionals, Nick Barber and Kate Leggett 2017

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Drive Revenue With Video Customer Engagement

A Defining Moment in the Customer Experience

The contact center is a critical point of direct contact. It offers the opportunity to not only resolve customer issues, but also to get to know customers and their needs. This leads to reduces customer churn, higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, and increased revenue.

Vidyo Customer Engagement solutions build relationships through a complete omnichannel experience over high quality video while leveraging full voice, webchat, email and social media channels.

Video Banking Presentation

RBC Goes Vidyo

RBC’s innovative video chat service lets small businesses converse face-to-face with their banker from anywhere, on virtually any device, helping them conveniently connect while on-the-go.

Genesys Goes Vidyo

VidyoEngage for Genesys and other VidyoEngage integrations elevate customer/agent interaction, resolve tickets quicker and increase net promoter scores.

Get Advanced Features

Vidyo Escalation

Seamless escalation to high quality video from all customer experience scenarios; click-to-Vidyo from any webpage or mobile application.

Skills Based Routing

Building upon a contact center’s already present Skills based routing connects the customers with the best available agent.