Welcome to our inaugural newsletter, Vidyo Financial Visions. The pun on the newsletter's name is certainly intended since we're passionate about using high quality video to help you drive closer and more profitable relationships with your customers and members.

The objective of Vidyo Financial Visions is to provide you with the latest trends, use cases, best practices, and solutions for enriching customer and member experience through video – encompassing your entire banking ecosystem including in-branch banking, consultative selling, mobile banking, engaging customers/members in remote areas, and many other use cases.

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Harnessing the power of video interaction is proven to restore human touch, build trust, add to top line revenue, and differentiate your organization from that of your competitors. Download this report for the latest trends and best practices in video banking, and learn about the real-world benefits being achieved by Barclays, BluCurrent Credit Union, and others.


Vidyo has teamed up with CUNA Strategic Services and Efma to measure the perception of financial services professionals and consumers towards video as a channel for customer engagement, as well as take a good look at real-world results and ROI. Please take the survey today, and note that your responses will only be analyzed in aggregate and your individual responses will be anonymous. Can't wait for the 2018 survey results? Check out the results from our 2017 survey.


This survey-based report, co-authored by Efma, introduces the market trends driving adoption of video-enabled insurance services. For insurance companies working to define their strategy, the report offers guidance and best practices based on Vidyo’s experience helping hundreds of customers implement world-class video customer engagement strategies.


BluCurrent Credit Union deployed Vidyo to provide its members with video-enabled banking agents who can personally and efficiently help them with non-teller banking needs. View the case study.


For support, a picture is worth a thousand words. Netherlands-based Dekra has harnessed video for insurance claims, whereby adjusters use video to assess small damages with customers remotely, resulting in cases being settled in days instead of weeks. Watch the video.


Watch Vidyo's passionate customers discuss the real-world impact of video-enabled omnichannel customer experience, including one bank that saw a 60% uplift in mortgage sales.


Interpersonal connections with customers require a different kind of communications solution. Advanced end-to-end workflows and integrations are the key to powering seamless, high-impact video experiences for customers, members, and high value clients. VidyoEngage has been proven to help our banking, credit union, and insurance customers improve customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS), increase revenue, and reduce customer churn. Read our latest Solution Brief and watch the video overview.


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