White Paper

Finally, Telemedicine That Works

Author: Moor Insights & Strategy

Due to the continued decrease in medical professionals, patient access to affordable quality healthcare has become a systemic challenge, requiring costly travel by the patient and/or the physician and resulting in frequently delayed treatment due to long queues for qualified specialists.

Download this research report, Finally, Telemedicine That Works by Moor Insights and Strategy to learn how Vidyo's platform for telemedicine improves patient access to healthcare, yielding better patient outcomes at significantly lower cost.

Learn About:

  • Recent developments in telemedicine
  • Vidyo's cure for common telemedicine conditions
  • The wide adoption of telemedicine among healthcare providers

“Vidyo delivers a platform for telemedicine that actually brings clear patient benefits ahead of the significant cost savings."

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-Moor Insights & Strategy, Finally Telemedicine That Works, 2014, Patrick Moorhead, May 2014