White Paper

Vidyo Enabled Contact Centers

Learn About the VidyoWorks™ Contact Center Reference Design and Third Party Contact Center Integrations

Providing live online video interactions with your customers enriches the customer journey and builds brand loyalty. Using the VidyoWorksTM APIs and the Contact Center Reference Design, you can video enable your high value client services in as little as a few weeks, without needing in-house video technology expertise.

What's inside?

  • VidyoWorks APIs and SDK overview
  • Contact Center Reference Design explained
  • Existing Integration: Interactive Intelligence®
  • Existing Integration: Verint®

"Vidyo bridges the gap between online convenience and face-to-face customer communication. With VidyoWorks, organizations can deliver high quality, easy to use communications to their web customers to greatly improve the service experience."

-Vidyo Inc.

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