White Paper

VidyoWorks - Integrated Vidyo-Enabled Applications

Learn how the VidyoWorksTM software platform enables you to embed point-to-point and interactive multi-point video, audio, and collaboration inside your own applications, workflows, and custom web portals. This delivers the right communications modality where and when it’s needed, without forcing users to toggle between your application and a standalone communication client.

Learn About:

  • The VidyoWorks SDK - complete software development kit for enabling telepresence-quality video, voice and content sharing capabilities.
  • VidyoWorks APIs - integration and customizability without requiring extensive knowledge of video compression, media transport, session management, etc.
  • Case Studies - Examples of business applications leveraging the VidyoWorks platform.

“The VidyoWorks™ software platform enables anyone to embed point-to-point and multipoint video, audio, and collaboration inside one’s own applications, workflows and custom web portals.”

- Vidyo Inc.

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