White Paper

Multipoint Video Conferencing Goes Virtual

How a next-generation architecture is changing the rules of multipoint video

Author: Ira M. Weinstein, Wainhouse Research

This study outlines the challenges associated with scaling a traditional video conferencing environment and highlights a next-generation videoconferencing architecture that is changing many of the rules of video bridging.

What's Inside?

  • The fundamentals of video bridging
  • The challenges of scaling traditional video bridging
  • Deployment options including hardware, software and virtualization
  • Vidyo solution spotlight

“Enterprise managers are no longer interested in ‘brute force’ solutions to IT challenges. Instead, they expect solutions to be easy to deploy, manage and scale. Traditional video bridges / MCUs are not well suited to meet these cost and scalability expectations”

- Ira M. Weinstein, Wainhouse Research

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