White Paper

Operational Cost Advantages of H.264 SVC

Author: Seymour A. Friedel, Phoenix-Hawke, LLC

An important advantage of H.264 SVC technology is its low infrastructure power consumption. This paper explores why this is the case and shows the impact on real world power consumption that an SVC router-based approach provides over a traditional AVC transcoder-based MCU.

What's Inside?

  • MCU and H.264 SVC fundamentals
  • Power consumption comparison
  • Usage cost comparisons

“The rising cost of energy and real estate can no longer be ignored when selecting infrastructure equipment. The H.264 SVC routing server as implemented by Vidyo provides nearly a 10 times improvement in port density as compared to traditional MCU-based solutions using transcoding.”

- Seymour A. Friedel, Phoenix-Hawke, LLC

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