White Paper

Scalable Video Coding and Video Communication

Author: Alex Eleftheriadis - Chief Scientist, Vidyo Inc.

Do you need to understand scalable video coding (SVC) and how it compares to other codecs like AVC? Download this white paper to get an insider's take on the development of SVC and why it has set the stage for the mass adoption of video conferencing.

What's Inside?

  • What is SVC and how does it differ from AVC?
  • Why is SVC important to you if you’re considering video conferencing for your organization?
  • How does SVC address interoperability issues?

“Scalable video coding brings the complexity of video conferencing systems down to the level of any other network application. This is very important for scaling video conferencing to be an application that is used by everybody.”

- Dr. Alex Eleftheriadis, Vidyo Inc.

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