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Access to Global Educators Made Simple and Affordable

Learn how to connect students with outside experts for face-to-face instruction using ordinary IP networks and off-the-shelf computers

Join experts from the Center for Interative Learning and Collaboration (CILC) and Vidyo to discover how schools can benefit from advances in video conferencing technology that connect students with curriculum beyond the classroom. Watch the webinar and learn:

  • How the CILC supplements your academic curriculum, allowing students and teachers to interact face-to-face with outside experts, attend virtual field trips to institutions around the world and participate in classroom-to-classroom collaboration.
  • How to reach every student, even those who can’t make it to the classroom.
  • How to integrate equipment you already own – including conference room systems, computers, and tablets – into an HD-quality video conferencing solution where everyone can see and be seen.
  • How to find funding for Vidyo solutions, including using E-Rate to help cover costs.


Doug Meyer
K-12 Consultant
Center for Interactive Learning & Collaboration


Madeline Nash
Funding Information Services
Vidyo Inc.

Eric Tooley
Product Marketing Mgr.
Vidyo Inc.