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Connect Global Workers With Anywhere, Anytime Video Communication

Learn how IT leaders can now meet the challenge to provide video communication for their global workforce.

Join Forrester Research and the CIO of Concern Worldwide, an international NGO operating in 25 countries, to learn how IT leaders can now meet the challenge to provide anywhere, anytime video communication for their global workforce.

Watch the webinar and learn how:

  • Concern Worldwide enables 2,200 staff members to communicate visually with field managers in some of the most remote locations in the world.
  • How to start small, scale up (or down) as needed to affordably video-enable your entire workforce.
  • New video architectures and deployment models overcome the cost, scalability and quality barriers that have plagued traditional, MCU-based solutions.


Philipp Karcher
Forrester Research

Vincent Richardson
CIO, Concern Worldwide


Mark Summerson
Vice President, Managed Services
Vidyo Inc.