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Overcoming Obstacles to Delivering High-Quality Telepsych Services

Extending reach and treating patients in nursing homes, school clinics, military bases, correctional facilities and many other underserved groups

View this webinar to learn how providers are adopting new technologies and treatment practices to overcome barrriers and enhance the scope and quality of telepsych services. Join experts from OptumHealth and Vidyo to explore:

  • Why changes in healthcare priorities and patient expectations are driving demand for telepsych services.
  • Discover ways to make telepsych more affordable and reach patients and sites regardless of geography.
  • Understand techniques for delivering high-resolution clinician-patient interactions over everyday IP networks, Wi-Fi and 3G/4G.
  • Explore ways to ensure data security and HIPAA compliance.


Mike Miliard
Managing Editor
Healthcare IT News

David E. Young
Vice President
TelePsych Ventures at OptumHealth


Mark Noble
Sr. Director, Product Marketing
Vidyo Inc.